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Make it a memorable one. Whether you're preparing for an adventurous family trip or a relaxing getaway, when it comes to comfort and great savings to over 500 destinations, Amtrak® is the way to go.

Everyone from children to senior citizens benefit from our every day discounts and everyone can save on rail fare with DEALS on You can spend quality time with the ones you love most or meet some new friends. You can stretch out in comfortable seats with plenty of leg room, enjoy delicious meals and take in breathtaking views. On Amtrak, a new adventure awaits you at every turn. Break out a novel and catch up on your reading or play a game of cards with friends.Treat your kids to more playtime and memories that will last a lifetime while treating yourself to the piece of mind that accompanies hassle-free travel.

On Amtrak, the wear and tear on your car or aggravating baggage restrictions won’t impact your trip. The savings are endless and so is the fun. Don’t wait – book today. To find out more about these promotions and many more, visit Enjoy the journey.

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